White-Winged Dove Vs. Mourning Dove

Mourning doves and white-winged doves have white on the tips of their tails and are gray with white undersides. However these species have 3 noticeable differences in appearance that will help you recognize them during your South Texas Dove Hunting Trip: White-winged doves have a distinguishing white band across the top of the wings and black wingtips. White-winged doves are bigger in size than mourning doves. While in flight, the white-winged dove’s tail appears rounded, and the mou Read more

Mesquite Grilled South Texas Dove Wraps

From The Texas Gourmet South Texas Dove Hunt and Opening Weekend are phrases that excite hunters like no other. The chance to use your shooting skills against the agile South Texas Dove is an experience that is hard to match. Every year thousands of dove hunters take to the sunflower fields around Hondo Texas for the best dove hunting South Texas has to offer. Thousands of dove hunters will harvest white winged and mourning doves during their South Texas Hunt. After you have conquered the So Read more

South Texas Dove Hunting Preparation

Tips for a successful South Texas Dove Hunt Once you’ve made thedecision to embark on a South Texas Dove Hunt it’s time to think about how to ensure an enjoyable dove hunting trip. You will see plenty of dove on your South Texas Dove hunt. However, even though South Texas is thick with doves that serve as excellent prey, there are a few things a dove hunter can do to plan for a great hunting experience. Practice - We have all heard the old saying “practice makes perfect.” This applie Read more