Tips for a successful South Texas Dove Hunt

Once you’ve made thedecision to embark on a South Texas Dove Hunt it’s time to think about how to ensure an enjoyable dove hunting trip. You will see plenty of dove on your South Texas Dove hunt. However, even though South Texas is thick with doves that serve as excellent prey, there are a few things a dove hunter can do to plan for a great hunting experience.

Practice – We have all heard the old saying “practice makes perfect.” This applies to South Texas dove hunting as wellSo before you hit the dove hunting sunflower fields in September get some practice in. Although the fields around your house lack the excitement of a South Texas dove hunt they are a good place to get some practice. Sporting clays are also a great way to hone your skills for that dove hunt you have been planning. Be sure and check out those stations that are made specifically for dove hunters. A great advantage to South Texas dove hunting is the large quantity of birds. If you haven’t been able to practice before your dove hunt don’t sweat it. As a dove hunter, you will still be in a great position to take down some dove!

Preparation – Many times when you want to go on a dove hunt at a lease the hunter is required to scot and prepare for the trip. At the Bader ranch your only responsibility is that actual dove hunt. We do the preparation for our dove hunters. The abundance of dove at the Bader Ranch will help any dove hunter experience a successful hunt. Remember to pack all of the recommended dove hunting equipment on our website such as eye protection and ear protection. We want all of our hunters to enjoy a safe South Texas dove hunt.

Good Shooting Form – This is perhaps the most important key to a successful South Texas Dove hunting adventure. Many hunters might not understand how crucial good shooting form can be to their South Texas dove hunt. As a result these dove hunters might miss out on taking down their prey. Very simple steps like firm footing and keeping your cheek tight against the stock can really change the success of your South Texas dove hunt. Other factors can affect your skill such as proper follow through during your dove hunt. This simply means that a dove hunter should always continue through a swing on the dove after you have fired a shot. Make sure you are following the shot in the same direction as the dove pattern.

These simple steps can make for a more satisfying and effective South Texas dove hunting experience