South Texas Dove Hunting can be a safe and fun activity for all ages if the proper precautions are observed. The most recent statistics indicate enjoying tennis, shooting a round of golf or jogging outside is more dangerous than using a firearm or Dove Hunting in South Texas.

There are times when injuries happened due to lax safety precautions when dove hunting with a shot gun. When dove hunters feel comfortable and safe while dove hunting they can become a little too relaxed and not observant enough of the dove hunt that is going on around them. Many people consider big game hunting a more dangerous sport than south Texas Dove hunting but when huge groups of dove are flying through the air and all the dove hunters around you are trying to get a shot off the situation can become more dangerous. Dove hunters must strive to keep their minds on dove hunting safety precautions. When you get to the sunflower field for your South Texas Dove Hunt remember a few tips to keep yourself and the other dove hunters safe.

Be seen by other dove hunters and make sure you see them – Communicate with others around the dove hunting fields and let them know where you are. Determine where the other dove hunters are in the field and keep the location in mind as you dove hunt. Make sure you watch for new dove hunters entering the fields. Remember to keep a safe distance between yourself and the other South Texas Dove Hunters. You will not only be safer but you will have a better South Texas Dove Hunt if all the dove hunters are spread out. Help other dove hunters become aware of your presence by wearing bright orange dove hunting gear.

Wear Eye Protection – It is never a good idea to dove hunt without the proper eye protection. Stray bb’s are present at every south Texas dove hunt you will attend. Goggles or sunglass will do the trick to keep your eyes protected. Safety glasses are the best for south Texas dove hunting because they also protect against pellets that come from the sides.

Safety for Man’s Best Friend – Heat is the biggest threat to your dog during the September South Texas Dove Hunting Season. Remember to keep your dog in shape before the south Texas dove hunting season begins because even well trained dogs can be harmed by the South Texas heat. Make sure there is plenty of cool water assessable to the dove hunting dogs at all times. Dogs can’t sweat so cool water to bath in will make a dramatic difference when temperatures are high. During the South Texas dove hunt you can expect your dog to pant but if behavior is trending towards shaky legs, lethargic actions or disorientation you dog could be in danger of a heat stroke. The first type of aid to your dog should be cool water with ice if possible to lower the dogs internal temperature.

South Texas Dove Hunting locations with ponds are a big plus for dog owners. The ponds will attract dove and offer a great place for your dove hunting dog to cool down and get a drink. Dove hunting dogs can help keep the dove hunters safe from heat strokes by doing all the legwork in retrieving the dove.

Know Your Place in the Dove Hunting Field – We all of the dove hunters are spread out a safe distance apart and all dove hunters are aware of each other you are off to a good start. The final step to quality safety on the dove hunting fields is to ensure that all South Texas Dove Hunters stay in their own shooting zone. This means that is okay for dove hunters to shoot at birds in front or behind you and its even okay to shoot at birds that are a reasonable distance of either side of you. However, you should never shoot at a dove that is in another dove hunter’s zone. It’s not polite and it’s not safe. Here in South Texas a safe and polite dove hunt is a must.

Communication – Speaking up on the dove fields is a must for all south Texas Dove Hunts. Signal to the other dove hunters to let them know you are there. If you are peppered with stray shot it’s best to let your dove hunting neighbors know you are there so it doesn’t happen again while you are dove hunting. If you happened to notice someone who is not following the rules of safety on the dove hunting field it’s okay to let them know how we do things on a South Texas Dove Hunt. Inexperienced dove hunters can always benefit from the knowledge of older more mature dove hunting partners. Don’t wait until it’s too late. We want everyone to enjoy the fun at their South Texas Dove Hunt.