The Bader Ranch offers a more private hunting experience. We put fewer hunters around our fields which provides privacy for our guests and takes pressure off the birds. We don't like to feel crowded when we hunt and we don't think our clients do either. The Bader Ranch is located in the heart of South Texas Dove Country. Hondo, Texas is just 30 minutes from San Antonio, Texas.


South Texas Dove Hunting - Safety Tip

Make your location known to other dove hunters in the field and make sure you see the dove hunters around you. Communication while dove hunting is key. Determine where the other dove hunters are in the field and keep the location in mind as you dove hunt. Make sure you watch for new dove hunters entering the fields. Remember to keep a safe distance between yourself and the other South Texas Dove Hunters. You will not only be safer but you will have a better South Texas Dove Hunt if all the dove hunters are spread out. Help other dove hunters become aware of your presence by wearing bright orange dove hunting gear.