South Texas Dove Hunting Preparation

Tips for a successful South Texas Dove Hunt Once you’ve made thedecision to embark on a South Texas Dove Hunt it’s time to think about how to ensure an enjoyable dove hunting trip. You will see plenty of dove on your South Texas Dove hunt. However, even though South Texas is thick with doves that serve as excellent prey, there are a few things a dove hunter can do to plan for a great hunting experience. Practice - We have all heard the old saying “practice makes perfect.” This applie Read more

South Texas Dove Hunting Safety

Dove Hunting Field Safety South Texas Dove Hunting can be a safe and fun activity for all ages if the proper precautions are observed. The most recent statistics indicate enjoying tennis, shooting a round of golf or jogging outside is more dangerous than using a firearm or Dove Hunting in South Texas. There are times when injuries happened due to lax safety precautions when dove hunting with a shot gun. When dove hunters feel comfortable and safe while dove hunting they can become a little Read more

South Texas Dove Hunting starts at The Bader Ranch

South Texas Dove Hunting at the Bader Ranch. With over 150 acres of irrigated sunflower seed and strategically placed ponds, the Bader Ranch is a mecca for dove every year. Right now we will begin plowing our fields in preparation for seeding this spring. Check back with us for progress. See you in September!   Read more